Retail 2020 :- 5 Trends That Will Be A Life And Soul Of The Future Retail Industry

With a population of around 400 million millennials, India will have the youngest population by end of 2020. Which means it’s a “Good News for Indian retailers!!” if you’re one of them. The retail ecosystem of modern Indian markets is booming with new tech trends and innovations. This has become a new success mantra for …

Coronavirus Outbreak and Its Impact on Indian Businesses

The corona outbreak is not taking lives but also choking up the Indian economy slowly. The Indian government has disrupted the imports and availability of mobile phones, television, and other electric products. The death rate in china rise to 908 and the Indian government has closed the doors for Chinese products which could backfire the …

Here’s How FMCG Products Are Swiftly Booming In India’s E Commerce Industry

The growth wheel of FMCG products has speed up after making its place into the hustle-bustle of India’s e-commerce market. Daily consuming products such as shampoos, deodorants, toilet papers, and makeup are gaining traction of progress in the Indian market. However, the persistent demand for electrical equipment, fashion clothing and books is high and currently …

Key Factors to look at when Investing in FMCG Companies

Here are the key parameters one must consider while investing in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. Categories The companies operate in which categories make a big difference in how you evaluate the company. The companies Nestle and Colgate are both FMCG and MNC; this is the only similarity between them. Some mature categories are …

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Modern Trade Outshining Traditional Stores in India

Modern Trade (MT) serving to most household needs under a single roof consists of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Data for the July-September quarter by Nielsen unveils that modern trade grew at twice the rate as compared to traditional stores in India, despite an otherwise trying time for the FMCG sector. From Spencers markets and Nilgiri stores …

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New Developments in the FMCG Sector

The growing influence of the state on the industry All over the world, every government's country is more concerned about the faster uncontrollable development that any sphere becomes. Even the developed part of the world will soon start to control the industry more, according to the specialists. The mandatory labeling of all the products and the introduction of electronic certification systems is the foremost concern. All this affects the cost of trading business. According to the survey, the prime cost was put in the first place, among the factors hindering the development of companies.

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Here is what Famous Chefs Have to Say about mustard Oil-

Taste is the key concern of everything we need. Taste i s directly dependent over that ingredients, spices and oil we use. It is really important to never compromise over health with respect to taste. Everyone misunderstands oil as being unhealthy whereas it has tremendous benefits along itself.

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