Here’s How FMCG Products Are Swiftly Booming In India’s E Commerce Industry

The growth wheel of FMCG products has speed up after making its place into the hustle-bustle of India’s e-commerce market.

Daily consuming products such as shampoos, deodorants, toilet papers, and makeup are gaining traction of progress in the Indian market. However, the persistent demand for electrical equipment, fashion clothing and books is high and currently dominating the e-commerce industry.

The budding FMCG companies with limited resources are trying their hand to conquer the online podium, not to miss out on the golden chance.

The gigantic demand for FMCG products are mostly powered by

  • The swift change in Indian demography, expected to have 34.33 % of youth in total population.
  • The Internet has airlifted the Indian markets from offline to online; we are just one click away from our daily consumption needs.

“Categories such as groceries, skincare, deodorant, shampoos, and grooming products are blooming expeditiously from the last 5 years,” said Amazon India spokesperson.

It’s been expected a Tsunami demand for FMCG products in the next five years and FMCG is going to be the next shark of the sea after ticketing, fashion clothing, and electronics. Companies like Dabur Chyawanprash, real juice, Hindustan Uniliver, and Macron are also taking the online route.

FMCG online platforms such as Bigbasket and Grofers are the new big players dominating the e-commerce industry among others. The online presence of FMCG markets is expected to accumulate $4 Bn of growth by 2022 in the country. 

Reports are affirming that the e-commerce market has mount up the fruitful results for the FMCG products and it’s expected the growth chart will boom further by 11 percent by 2030.

With the clockwise demands of FMCG products, it’s crystal clear that FMCG products will be the new headline of the e-commerce industry. It is expected that our Indian economy will witness the race of turtle and rabbit, where the FMCG market will be the new highlight in the e-commerce industry. 

As a user, you might order a new Smartphone or a new gadget once or twice a year, while the orders for FMCG products like shampoos, deodorants, toilet papers, diapers, cosmetics, and beverages are on repeat. 

 FMG companies are getting 6 percent of conversion with online channels, which means joys of the spring for FMCG investors who were headed back in the race. The hulk of e-commerce industry, amazon and Flipkart has introduced the doorstep grocery delivery, easy refunds and returns in case of damaged products among others, which are fueling up the growth engine of the e-commerce industry.

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